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Red Door Fencing, located in Des Moines’ historic East Village, is an epee club that promotes competitive and recreational fencing by providing quality instruction, a safe and supportive training environment, and fostering personal growth and community engagement.

We offer beginner classes, lessons, and training for children, teens, and adults. Our fencers compete in local, regional, and national tournaments, and we host additional educational opportunities (referee seminars, coaching workshops, fencing/training camps, etc.) and tournaments.

We are an affiliate member of USA Fencing, the national governing body for the sport in the U.S., and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Latest News:

Summer Nationals Results

Six RDF fencers competed at Summer National Championships in Minneapolis this year! It was the first national-level tournament for Daniel and Kalina, and Cheryl earned a medal and her C22 rating/classification! We’re really proud of everyone’s hard work over the last couple of years and thankful for our great, supportive families. We’ve also got some things to work on, and we’re excited to see what next season brings!

Here’s how everyone placed:

Div 1A WE: Sarah – 47th
Vet 50 WE: Cheryl – 8th + C22!
Div 2 ME: Daniel – 119th; Jack – 204th (tie)
Y14 ME: Jack – 190th (tie)
Div 2 WE: Sarah – 20th; Ava – 114th
Div 3 ME: Jack – 152nd
Y10 WE: Kalina – 53rd
Div 3 WE: Ava – 82nd

Full results:

Summer Nationals have begun!

Summer National Championships in Minneapolis have begun! Here’s when RDF is competing:

Sat. 7/2: Div 1A WE – Sarah
Tues. 7/5: Vet 50 WE – Cheryl
Thurs. 7/7: Div 2 ME – Daniel, Jack
Fri. 7/8: Div 2 WE – Ava, Sarah; Y14 ME – Jack
Sat. 7/9: Div 3 ME – Jack
Sun. 7/10: Y10 WE – Kalina
Mon. 7/11: Div 3 WE – Ava

Follow the competition with Live Results here:
Live Video:

July Schedule

We are taking Wednesdays off in the month of July, as well as the first two Saturdays (2nd & 9th) and Thursday the 7th for Summer Nationals.

We are also taking a break from private lessons in July – the format is group practices only:

6-7 pm – Y10
7-8:30 pm – Teens/Adults

5:30-6:30 pm – Y12
7-8:30 pm – Teens/Adults

10-11 am – Y10 & Y12
11 am-noon – Teens/Adults

HFA Summer Challenge Results

Last Saturday, Sarah, Nick, Daniel, and Jack drove down to Kansas City for the Heartland Fencing Academy’s Summer Challenge tournament. Daniel brought home the gold medal, Sarah tied for 3rd, Jack tied for 6th, and Nick finished 8th. Coach Kevin stayed back to run lessons and practice at the club, but we all worked together and coached each other. Thanks to HFA for hosting!

Full results:

Jack fleches in a 15-point bout at HFA’s Summer Challenge

Nick counterattacks as Daniel lunges during a direct elimination bout at the HFA Summer Challenge

Capitol City Youth Classic Tournament Results

Ben and Brevan traveled to Lincoln, NE today to fence at the Capitol City Youth Classic tournament. Ben tied for 3rd and Brevan finished 5th! Ben did a great job helping his less-experienced teammate, and Brevan learned a lot from fencing new and different people! Our friends at the Lincoln Fencing Club hosted another excellent event.

Full results:

Equinox Epee Tournament Results

Huge thank you to everyone who volunteered to help set up, tear down, take on miscellaneous tasks, as well as our referees, families, coaches and 75 fencers who came out to our big annual tournament last Sunday! We really appreciate everyone’s flexibility in dealing with the last-minute venue change as well. We saw a lot of excellent fencing from our RDF athletes and fencers from across the Midwest (and beyond!).

In Senior Mixed Open Epee:
15th – Daniel
18th – Nick
26th – Jack
30th – Mat
36th – Chantal
40th – Natasha

Senior Mixed Open Top 8: 1st – Yuly Suvorov (SAS), 2nd – Brad Tucker (LFC), 3rd + C22 – James Burgess (HFA), 3rd – Joe Butler (LFC), 5th + D22 – Kailan Benford, 6th – Emma Buckingham (BBF), 7th + D22 – John Christian (BBF), 8th + D22 – Avi Limer (TCFC)

In D & Under Mixed Epee:
6th – Mat
9th – Steve
11th – Jack
14th – Cheryl
18th – Alex
21st – Natasha
24th – Chantal
28th – Campbell
30th – Erin
31st – Sophie

D & Under Top 8: 1st + C22 – Avi Limer (TCFC), 2nd – Ben Takata (CBA), 3rd + D22 – Quinn Bissen (TCFC), 3rd + D22 – James Burgess (HFA), 5th – Jay Johnson (HFA), 6th – Mat Johnstone (RDF), 7th + E22 – Kailan Benford, 8th + E22 – Thomas Fitzgerald (CIFA)

Full results are posted on

This was also a good follow-up to the Iowa Division referee seminar that we hosted back in January. The local referees have had a few tournaments to work on their skills and incorporate feedback from the seminar, and at this event had a chance for more feedback from Certified Referee Observer Essene Waters. We really appreciate her instruction and professionalism, as well as the hard work and improvement from the referees!

Unfortunately between keeping everything running and refereeing, Kevin and Sarah weren’t able to take many photos, but hopefully everyone’s families has a chance to get some good shots!

Quinn v. Ben (foreground) and James v. Avi (background) in D & Under semifinal bouts

ISU Frosty Tournament Results

At the Iowa State University Fencing Club’s Frosty tournament on Sunday, 8 RDF fencers competed in several events. In Senior Mixed Epee, Daniel tied for 3rd, Sarah was 5th, Mat finished 7th, Jack placed 8th, Campbell came in 17th, Nick was 18th, Natasha finished 19th, and Chantal was 29th. Jack also earned his E22 rating/classification! In Senior Women’s Epee, Sarah tied for 3rd, Tasha was 5th, with Chantal close behind at 6th. (And Mat also tied for 3rd in saber the day before!) There were a lot of close and well-fenced matches!

Full results: