Nick lunges and Mat counterattacks at the Don't Succulent Epee Tournament

The “Don’t Succulent” Epee Tournament Results

Last weekend, fencers from Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska competed for tiny succulents instead of the usual medals at our “Don’t Succulent” Epee Tournament here at the club. Eleven fencers from RDF competed in the two events.

In Women’s Epee, Ava tied for 3rd, Natasha was 6th, Chantal finished 8th, and Erin was 11th in her first tournament. In the mixed-gender D & Under Epee event, Mat was 2nd, Daniel finished 6th, Nick ended 7th, Jack came in 8th, Charlie was 9th, Natasha was 10th, Steve finished 18th in his first tournament, and Campbell ended 19th after a close, well-fenced bout.

Full results:

Women's Epee Top 4: Eva (2nd), Heather (3rd), Ava (3rd), Anna (1st), standing together holding their succulents
Women’s Epee Top 4: Eva (2nd), Heather (3rd), Ava (3rd), Anna (1st)
D & Under Mixed Epee Top 4: Ben (1st), Mat (2nd), Anna (3rd), Eric (3rd), standing together holding their succulents
D & Under Mixed Epee Top 4: Ben (1st), Mat (2nd), Anna (3rd), Eric (3rd)

Remenyik ROC & RJCC Results

RDF fencer Ava competed in 3 events her first time at the Remenyik ROC & RJCC at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL last weekend. Remenyik – one of the larger, more challenging tournaments in the area – awards regional points on the path to qualification for national championships.

In Junior Women’s Epee, Ava had some ups and downs in pools, and we’re proud of her for regaining her focus and putting up a strong fight in her DE, ending 25th . The next day, she fenced in Division 1A Women’s Epee and placed 26th. Her final event was Cadet Women’s Epee, where she finished 20th.

Cornhusker Games Results

Last weekend, six RDF fencers competed in the Cornhusker Games at Gateway Mall in Lincoln, NE. Since there was no fencing at Iowa Games this year, we could go compete in a different State Games.

Ben started us off strong on Friday, winning the Y12 epee event. In E & Under Epee on Saturday, Mat took the silver medal and Tasha won bronze. In Open Epee, Mat was 6th, Sarah was 9th, Jack finished 11th, and Tasha came in 12th on Sunday. Also on Sunday was Women’s Epee, where Sarah won the gold medal, Ava took silver, and Tasha finished 5th and won the Sportsmanship Award!

Y12 Epee medalists – congratulations to Ben on his gold medal!
Tasha wins the Sportsmanship Award on Sunday!
Mat and Jack fence in Open Epee

Happy Squid Unrated Tournament Results

On Saturday, we held the Happy Squid Unrated Tournament at our club. “Unrated” means it was only open to fencers who have not yet earned a rating (also sometimes called classification) from competing in USA Fencing tournaments. (Full chart here.) Nine fencers competed and the winner (Ben from Center for Blade Arts in Minneapolis) earned his “E” classification. From RDF, Alex ended 2nd in a close 15-14 match, Ava and Jack tied for 3rd, Darren was 6th, and Campbell finished 7th.

In-Club Youth Tournament Results

Last Saturday was our fun little in-club youth tournament! In Y12 Mixed Epee, Ben won and Kalina was 2nd. In Y14 Mixed Epee, Ben was our champion, Chantal was 2nd, Sophia came in 3rd, and Alexis finished 4th. With such limited opportunities for competition this past year, it was good to practice being in a competitive situation and mindset again or, for some, the first time!

Duel in Des Moines Tournament Results

Last weekend, fencers from around the state and a few from neighboring states joined us for the Duel in Des Moines, which we jointly hosted with the Des Moines Fencing Club. They ran the foil and saber events in the gym at Fairmeadows Elementary and we ran the epee events outdoors in the parking lot. Full results are available here on askfred:

In Open Mixed Epee, Daniel was 2nd, Sarah tied for 3rd, Evan placed 5th, Nick finished 8th, and Ava was 10th.

In Cadet Mixed Epee, Ava earned the gold after a close 15-13 match with Jack, who took home silver. In his first ever tournament, Ben placed 6th, and Campbell – in his first tournament outside the club – finished 7th.

In Unrated Mixed Epee, Jack earned his 2nd silver medal of the weekend, Steve tied for 3rd, Campbell was 5th, Ava finished 6th, and Cindy was 7th.

Everyone fenced hard, learned some good things, and has a lot to be proud of. We especially liked seeing the growth of several of our fencers who used to get very discouraged by a tough loss in pools. This time, they were able to shake off those bouts and get back on track mentally – a really important skill in fencing!

Although traditionally summer tends to be sparse for tournaments (most people are training for summer nationals in July, and after that they take a break or scale back), we are planning on hosting some more small tournaments at the club this summer, and the new fencing season starts in August.

Cadet mixed epee medalists
Cadet mixed epee medalists
Unrated mixed epee medalists
Unrated mixed epee medalists

Equinox Epee Tournament Results

We finally got to have our (now not accurately named) Equinox Epee tournament the second weekend of October! It was a little smaller than usual, with 30 individual fencers participating in 4 events, but everyone was grateful for a chance to compete even though the circumstances were less-than-ideal. The tournament was held outdoors in the parking lot at Hillside Elementary, and everyone did a great job wearing their masks, keeping their distance from others, and not shaking hands! Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible!

Full results:

In Open Mixed Epee, Evan tied for 3rd, Nick was 7th, Alex was 9th, with Daniel right behind in 10th. In Women’s Epee, Sarah tied for 3rd. In Div 3 (D & Under) Mixed Epee, Evan took home the silver medal, Daniel tied for 3rd, Alex came in 7th, Nick took 10th, Weston was 11th, and Rilee was 16th. In Cadet Mixed Epee, Jack tied for 3rd and Weston was 5th. We think everyone’s hard work in lessons and practice over the last 6 months showed!

Also congratulations to RDF fencers Evan on earning his C, Daniel on earning his E, and Nick on renewing his E!

Iowa Caucus Tournament Results

Alrighty, folks, the swords have spoken and we’re predicting Pete Buttigieg will win the Iowa caucus on Feb. 3 (even though technically the fencer representing John Delaney won the tournament – Delaney dropped out of the race yesterday)! Tied for 3rd was Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar! Then we had Tom Steyer, Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, and Bernie Sanders.

Thank you to all the campaigns that donated items to decorate our wall and our fencers! Thanks to the fencers for coming out to represent a randomly-drawn candidate! We had a lot of fun fencing to predict a caucus winner and it was nice to briefly lighten the seriousness of political issues.

Remember to caucus on Monday, Feb. 3 and good luck to all of the actual candidates!