The calendar includes Iowa tournaments, regional tournaments, and national tournaments that may be of interest to our fencers. With the exception of North American Cups, tournaments are free for spectators.

Competition costs:
Registration and entry fees can range from as little as $20 for local events to upwards of $200 for North American Cup (national-level) events. In order to fence in sanctioned regional and national events (anything labeled RYC, RJCC, SYC, ROC, or NAC), athletes must hold a competitive USA Fencing membership, which is $90 for the 2022-2023 season. New in 2021, fencers can compete in local events with the Access level of membership, which is $25.

Travel is frequently the biggest cost of competition. Some fencers/families prefer to travel pretty independently of others in the club, but others find it helpful to coordinate with each other and share resources so everyone can get where they need to go. Tournaments and travel arrangements are discussed at practice and via email/phone. We encourage all of our fencers to compete at some level.

Women’s Epee medalists at the Icicle Invitational in Lincoln, NE.