Bengal Invitational Results

Today, 6 fencers from RDF competed at Valley High School Fencing Club’s Bengal Invitational in Div 3 (D & Under) Mixed Epee. Jared won the event, Daniel A. was 2nd, Nick tied for 3rd, Carl was 5th, Alex came in 6th, and Daniel M. was 7th. There was a lot of fencing teammates, but it’s so nice to have another local event that’s easy for many of us to attend! VHSFC did great job organizing their first tournament. Full results available here:

RDF’s Annual Equinox Epee Tournament Results

Last weekend, RDF hosted our annual Equinox Epee tournament at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School in West Des Moines. We’d like to thank all the athletes, parents, referees, and set-up/tear down volunteers for helping us make this our best Equinox Epee tournament yet!

Besides fencers from around the Midwest, we had 15 of our own fencers competing across 5 events. Full results are available here, but these are the RDF highlights:

Y10 Mixed Epee:
2nd – Henry
3rd (tie) – Harper and Graham

Y12 Mixed Epee:
3rd (tie) – Henry and Weston
5th – Evan
6th – Graham

Y14 Mixed Epee:
3rd – Nick
5th – Daniel
6th – Lily
7th – Kaden
8th – Winnie

D & Under Mixed Epee:
6th – Carl
14th – Nick
16th – Daniel A.
23rd – Daniel M.
31st – Kaden
32nd – Alex
33rd – Lily

Senior Mixed Epee:
3rd – Jim
22nd – Sarah
28th – Carl


HFA ROC Results

This past weekend, Jim and Sarah traveled to Kansas City to compete at the HFA Regional Open Circuit tournament. Jim finished 7th in Senior Men’s Epee, which qualifies him for Div 1A at Summer Nationals. Sarah tied for 3rd in Senior Women’s Epee on Saturday, and then she ended 2nd in C & Under WE on Sunday, which qualifies her for Div 2 & 3 at Summer Nationals. Full results:

“Div 1.5” Training Tournament

On Sunday, we ran an invite-only “training tournament” for fencers who compete in Division I (C-rated & up) events (or are working up to it). We decide the format the day of, depending on who is there and what they want to work on, and then we record all the bouts for review by the group afterwards. This was probably a broader skill range than we’ve had in the past, but it was especially helpful to have the stronger fencers’ feedback during the video review portion. We watched and critiqued at least one video of every fencer, and everyone has links to the full collection. We really appreciate everyone coming out and fencing with us!


In-Club Youth Tournament!

On Saturday, we held a fun tournament for our club members ages 14 & under. Kids and parents who had never been to a tournament before learned how a tournament works and what to expect in a familiar, no-pressure environment. We split the group into an older event and a younger event. Results are available here: Everyone displayed excellent sportsmanship and we saw some really well-fenced bouts. The kids enjoyed the competitive challenge and edible medals!

Sioux City Challenge Results

Today, six RDF fencers traveled across the state for the Sioux City Challenge. Julia took out Sarah in the direct elimination round of Women’s Epee and went on to tie for 3rd, while Sarah ended 7th. Unfortunately, Lily had to withdraw after the women’s pool round. In Mixed Epee, Nick finished 12th, earning his E17 classification, Sarah was 13th, Julia ended 17th, Alex was 19th, and Daniel came in 23rd.

Nick lands a single-light counterattack on an opponent during a direct elimination bout.