Daugherty Challenge RYC/RJCC/ROC Results

Down in St. Louis, Campbell, Kalina, Ben, Jack, and Daniel fenced at the Daugherty Challenge RYC/RJCC/ROC (which is just a bunch of letters that basically mean “regional-level events for Youth, Cadet, Junior, and Open categories, which give regional points, which can qualify a fencer for nationl-level events”).

In Junior (20 & Under) Men’s Epee, Jack came in 5th, Daniel was 13th with Campbell right behind in 14th.

In Division 2 (“C”-rated and lower) Men’s Epee, Daniel took silver, Jack finished 15th, and Campbell was 17th.

In Y12 Women’s Epee, Kalina finished 3rd.

In Y14 Men’s Epee, Ben finished 14th.

Hawkeye Open Results

This past Saturday, Chi Chi and Ebele fenced in their first tournament outside our club, traveling to Iowa City for UIFC’s Hawkeye Open. They both had some nice actions and well-fenced bouts throughout the day. After the first round (pools), they had the misfortune of meeting each other for their first direct elimination bout. Chi Chi finished 6th, and Ebele ended 12th!

Full results: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=51436

Remenyik ROC/RJCC Results

Last weekend, Campbell, Ava, and Sarah fenced at the Remenyik Regional Open Circuit and Regional Junior & Cadet Circuit tournament at Northwestern University. Campbell finished 48th in Junior Men’s Epee, Ava ended 27th in Junior Women’s Epee, and Sarah was 13th in D1-A Women’s Epee, which qualifies her for D1-A and D2 at Summer Nationals.

Full results can be found here.

Windy City SYC Results

Kalina traveled to blustery Chicago to fence in the Windy City SYC! She had some challenging but fun bouts in Y12 Women’s Epee, a huge event compared to the tournaments we host at our club. It was cool to see so many girls her age fencing in the same place! It was her first Y12 event outside the club, and she finished 30th.

Full results

The referee checks Kalina’s weapon before a bout at the Windy City SYC

Happy Squid Youth Tournament Results

We hosted the Happy Squid Youth tournament this weekend, with epee events for Y10, Y12, Y14, Cadet, and Junior age categories. This was the first Heartland Youth Circuit event of the ’22-’23 season, so all the fencers earned points toward end-of-season awards. The events were small, but we had a lot of new fencers learning about how tournaments work, and everyone got a fantastic squid hat!

Full results: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=51397

Summer Nationals Results

Six RDF fencers competed at Summer National Championships in Minneapolis this year! It was the first national-level tournament for Daniel and Kalina, and Cheryl earned a medal and her C22 rating/classification! We’re really proud of everyone’s hard work over the last couple of years and thankful for our great, supportive families. We’ve also got some things to work on, and we’re excited to see what next season brings!

Here’s how everyone placed:

Div 1A WE: Sarah – 47th
Vet 50 WE: Cheryl – 8th + C22!
Div 2 ME: Daniel – 119th; Jack – 204th (tie)
Y14 ME: Jack – 190th (tie)
Div 2 WE: Sarah – 20th; Ava – 114th
Div 3 ME: Jack – 152nd
Y10 WE: Kalina – 53rd
Div 3 WE: Ava – 82nd

Full results: https://fencingtimelive.com/tournaments/eventSchedule/1284FEA0552D485AB5148798185B8CA1

HFA Summer Challenge Results

Last Saturday, Sarah, Nick, Daniel, and Jack drove down to Kansas City for the Heartland Fencing Academy’s Summer Challenge tournament. Daniel brought home the gold medal, Sarah tied for 3rd, Jack tied for 6th, and Nick finished 8th. Coach Kevin stayed back to run lessons and practice at the club, but we all worked together and coached each other. Thanks to HFA for hosting!

Full results: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=50210

Jack fleches in a 15-point bout at HFA’s Summer Challenge

Nick counterattacks as Daniel lunges during a direct elimination bout at the HFA Summer Challenge