Bengal Invitational Results

On Sunday, four of our fencers competed at the Bengal Invitational, run by the high school kids of the Valley Fencing Club.

In Weston’s first 15-point bout, his opponent was Sarah, and he fenced better than he expected to, getting a lot of nice hand touches. Alex did a good job making an initial action to short target, followed by a deeper attack in his first 15-point bout and kept the score close for much of the bout. Sarah and Evan both defeated their opponents from the Iowa State University Fencing Club to make it to the final bout, which was a close 15-14. Sarah earned the gold medal, Evan took home the silver medal, Alex was 6th, and Weston was 8th. Sarah also won Women’s Epee.

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Equinox Epee Results

Last weekend we hosted our annual Equinox Epee tournament, attended by athletes from around the Midwest (and at least one from further away!), including 13 of our own. On Saturday, Jim tied for 3rd, Evan was 10th, and Carl finished 16th in Open Mixed Epee; Weston was 6th in Y14; Sarah took the silver medal and Cheryl came in 5th (in her first tournament as a lefty!) in Women’s. The next day, Carl placed 11th, Daniel A. was 13th, Evan was 14th, Alex came in 16th, Daniel M. finished 17th, and Weston was 23rd in D & Under Mixed Epee. Y12 was entirely populated by RDF fencers: Graham won, Henry was 2nd, Ben and Caleb (both in their first tournament!) tied for 3rd. Graham also took home the gold in Y10; Ben earned another bronze, and Harper finished 6th.

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We really appreciate everyone who helped make this happen – fencers, families, set-up/tear-down volunteers, referees, coaches – thank you! We love seeing so much great fencing, teamwork, and sportsmanship!


Icicle Invitational Results

Three RDF fencers competed at the Icicle Invitational in Lincoln, NE yesterday. In Mixed Epee, Kaley took home the 8th place medal, Sarah was 10th, and Evan was 21st. Then the ladies fenced off in the Women’s Epee final and Sarah won gold and Kaley took silver.

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RDF December Youth Tournament Results

This past Saturday, we held a youth tournament in our newly-expanded facility. The U19 epee, Y12 epee, Y14 foil, and Y14 saber events drew mostly local youth fencers, including 9 from RDF, but a few from out of state as well. We were so glad to have so many fencers and their families participate and we’re excited to do this more often! Special thanks to Levi, Evan, Alex, and Troy refereeing, and Cheryl for taking pictures and fetching coffee!

In Y12 Epee, Corina and Graham tied for 3rd, and Judah placed 5th in his first tournament after less than 2 months of fencing. In U19 Epee, Colin earned the silver medal, Alex and Evan tied for 3rd, Simon was 5th, Ellie was 7th (also her first tournament!), and Weston finished 8th.

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Sioux City Challenge Results

Sarah was 7th and Evan finished 15th in Mixed Epee (his first tournament as an epeeist) at the Sioux City Challenge yesterday. Sarah also tied for 3rd in Women’s Epee. Full results: