Snowball Youth Tournament Results

RDF fencer Kaden traveled to Iowa City for his first tournament today! It was a foil tournament, which meant the rules (and strategies) were a little different than in epee, the style we fence at RDF, but that’s okay – Kaden’s goal was just to get some experience and see how a tournament works. Since only the torso is target in foil, Kaden couldn’t always rely on his favorite epee actions – like counterattacks to the arm – and had to find other ways to hit. He ended 6th of 6 in Y12 Foil, but it was a good learning experience and he’ll be that much more prepared for his first epee tournament!  Thanks to our friends at the Iowa City Fencing Center for hosting the event!

Thank you, Coach Dorothea!

As many of our fencers know, Coach Dorothea’s last day at practice – before moving to Virginia to start her new job – was Thursday. Dorothea has put in a lot of hard work and waited very patiently for this (non-fencing) career opportunity, and we’re so glad she’s been a part of RDF in the mean time. We especially appreciate her help in growing our youth program! We’ve certainly learned a lot from her, and we will miss her cheerful, enthusiastic presence both on and off the strip. Thank you, Dorothea!


KCFC Holiday Tournament Results

RDF fencer Julia competed in two events at the Kansas City Fencing Center’s Holiday Tournament this past weekend. She fenced well in pools, but struggled with the 15-point direct elimination matches. Julia finished 9th in C & Under Epee and 10th in Open Mixed Epee. Final results available here.

2016 KCFC Holiday Tournament
Julia sneaks in a leg shot in Division 2 Mixed Epee at the KCFC Holiday Tournament.
Richmond NAC

December NAC in Richmond

RDF fencer Sarah traveled to Richmond, VA to compete at the December North American Cup. This time, US Fencing was experimenting with a new 2-day format for Division 1, designed to mimic the format used for international (FIE) tournaments. The top 62-seeded athletes received an automatic bye into Day 2 of the event, and everyone else (including Sarah), had to fence to determine the rest of the competitors. Sarah made the 75% cut to Day 2 (anyone who didn’t make the cut was automatically entered in Division 1A, also on Monday) and ended 94 of 130. Of course, when you start out as last seed, the only place to go is up!

Final results available here.

Training Weekend

RDF hosted an invitational training weekend for competitive fencers in the Midwest last weekend. We were joined by fencers from the Iowa City Fencing Center, the Twin Cities Fencing Club, Lincoln Fencing Club, and Salle Auriol Seattle (which is not so much Midwest, but we’ll make an exception for our friend Yuly). We enjoyed getting to fence a lot of challenging bouts and the video feedback session afterwards. Thanks to everyone who came out to practice with us!

Charlie (right, from RDF) counter-attacks as he retreats from Azaline’s (TCFC) low-line attack.

HFA ROC Tournament Results

For our first bigger tournament this season, three of our fencers traveled to Kansas City to compete at the HFA Regional Open Circuit tournament this weekend. Jim finished 7th in Division 1A Men’s Epee. In Div 1A Women’s Epee, Julia placed 9th and Sarah placed 6th. They also fenced Div 2 Women’s Epee and came in 2nd and 5th, respectively.

Div 2 Women’s Epee medalists at the HFA ROC.