July Schedule

We are taking Wednesdays off in the month of July, as well as the first two Saturdays (2nd & 9th) and Thursday the 7th for Summer Nationals.

We are also taking a break from private lessons in July – the format is group practices only:

6-7 pm – Y10
7-8:30 pm – Teens/Adults

5:30-6:30 pm – Y12
7-8:30 pm – Teens/Adults

10-11 am – Y10 & Y12
11 am-noon – Teens/Adults

Equinox Epee Update #2

The final schedule for the (now not-quite-appropriately-named) Equinox Epee is two events on Sunday, April 10: Senior Mixed Epee at 9 am and D & Under Mixed Epee at 1 pm. Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel the smallest event, Women’s Epee.

The venue is the old Franklin Jr. High, which was used as a megachurch before being purchased by a private entity that is trying to creatively repurpose it. Parking and entrance are on the northeast side, off 48th St. in Des Moines.

Equinox Epee Tournament Update #1

We’ve rescheduled the senior events (D & Under, Mixed, Women’s) for the Equinox Epee tournament from March 26-27 to April 9-10 (yes, it is no longer anywhere near the actual spring equinox, but we’re sticking with the name). The Y10, Y12, and Y14 events will be held at the club on Sunday, March 27, and you can sign up for those here: https://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=50113

There are a couple reasons for the reschedule: April 9-10 is a better date for referees and we need enough lead time to get plane tickets for a higher level referee (we like to use this as a training & development opportunity for local referees), the Minnesota division has scheduled a tournament for the original weekend, and the school district whose facilities we used to use no longer allows tape on their floors, so we’re working on an alternative facility. The amount of space and time we get will determine the schedule of events, so please don’t make any non-refundable travel plans yet. If you preregister for the tournament on askFred, you will receive an email as soon as we know the schedule.

We’re not currently planning to do youth events on April 9-10, but depending on how much time/space we can get, we may add a 4th event.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Small Group Class Resumes in July

We’ve added an hour long small group class to Thursday nights! This will be one consistent group and (non-fencing) masks are required.

We are continuing private lessons (email us for the link to the sign up), as well as online footwork on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We also welcome beginners to sign up for private lessons – contact us for more info.

Ideally, we’ll be able to continue adding back group sessions to get back to our pre-pandemic schedule and phase out online footwork. However, this will depend on interest (and the ages & experience of those interested) and local conditions surrounding Covid-19.

Thumbs up for masks


As our spring members know through email, we have opened this week for private lessons only.

Our plan for June is to continue with both private lessons and online footwork sessions – we completely understand that many people do not feel comfortable doing in-person activities at this time. If you’d like to join online sessions and weren’t a member this spring, send us an email and we’ll get you the link! You can also follow along with prior workouts on our youtube channel.

For in-club activities, we are following the same procedures as the week before we closed – cleaning of high-touch surfaces, keeping doors open as much as possible (easier now with better weather!), no shared equipment, no handshakes, 10 minutes between lessons, etc.

We are not requiring (non-fencing) masks at this time, although you are welcome and encouraged to wear them! We’re a little worried about how practical mask-wearing will be for those actively fencing and coaching – being able to breathe and communicate is important, too! However, fencers may want to consider trying to fence with a mask under their fencing mask as we aren’t sure what will be required when competitions resume. The coaches are trying to figure out a mask/mask combo that will work for us, too!

We also now have a way to pay online! We’re offering our usual monthly membership and a punch card that is good through August.

To schedule lessons, check your email for the link to the scheduler (only June is available right now). If you weren’t a spring member, send us an email to request the link.

We are also figuring out how to work in beginner lessons – stay tuned!

Depending on how things are going in the coming weeks, the next step is to start doing small group classes as well.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. We appreciate your patience and support as we muddle through this!

Temporary Closure

Red Door Fencing is closed due to coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, consistent with guidance from USA Fencing and the Governor of Iowa, from this week. We hope to re-open again as soon as it is safe to do so.

We are working on some “fencing from home” options so our fencers can stay connected and engaged while we all do our part to help keep our communities healthy.

In the mean time, here are a few resources we’ve seen already:

Northwest Fencing Center (Portland, OR)
Follow on Instagram or Facebook for daily fencing & non-fencing athletic challenges

Academy of Fencing Masters (Bay Area, CA)
Blog with ideas for making a target & other ways to practice at home

COVID-19 Schedule Changes

Due to the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19, RDF is moving to private lessons only, effective immediately.

Club members, please check your emails for details and a link to the sign up platform.

In addition to doing extra cleaning and not sharing equipment, we are trying to minimize the number of people anyone comes in contact with by entering our club. We are a small club anyway, so we feel like this is a reasonable risk-management strategy. Hopefully obviously, if you or someone in your household might be sick or in a high-risk group, please stay home! If either of the coaches might be sick, we will close the club.

If you do not feel comfortable coming to the club, we completely understand and we will work directly with members to issue refunds or pause memberships, etc.

Des Moines Fencing

Summer Schedule Tweaks

We have a few irregularities in our summer schedule, too!

Saturday, June 29-Saturday, July 6 – CLOSED – Coaches Kevin and Sarah will both be in Columbus, OH for Summer Nationals

No practice on Wednesdays and Saturdays in July – we will have our regular youth and teen/adult practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays

July 31-Aug. 2 – Youth Epee Camp with guest coach Gary Copeland of Northern Colorado Fencers

No youth practice Thurdsday, Aug. 1 (because camp) We will have teen/adult practice at the regular time.

Des Moines Fencing

Summer Schedule Updates

We have a few tweaks to our schedule for July and August:

JULY 3-5 – CLOSED (we’ll be in St. Louis for Summer Nationals!)

July 18-20th – Youth Day Camp with guest coach Gary Copeland

Wednesday, AUGUST 1 – CLOSED

Wednesday, AUGUST 8 – CLOSED


We’re taking some time in August to relax and recharge, but we’ll be back to our full, regular schedule in September!