We’ve rescheduled the senior events (D & Under, Mixed, Women’s) for the Equinox Epee tournament from March 26-27 to April 9-10 (yes, it is no longer anywhere near the actual spring equinox, but we’re sticking with the name). The Y10, Y12, and Y14 events will be held at the club on Sunday, March 27, and you can sign up for those here: https://askfred.net/Events/moreInfo.php?tournament_id=50113

There are a couple reasons for the reschedule: April 9-10 is a better date for referees and we need enough lead time to get plane tickets for a higher level referee (we like to use this as a training & development opportunity for local referees), the Minnesota division has scheduled a tournament for the original weekend, and the school district whose facilities we used to use no longer allows tape on their floors, so we’re working on an alternative facility. The amount of space and time we get will determine the schedule of events, so please don’t make any non-refundable travel plans yet. If you preregister for the tournament on askFred, you will receive an email as soon as we know the schedule.

We’re not currently planning to do youth events on April 9-10, but depending on how much time/space we can get, we may add a 4th event.

We apologize for the inconvenience.