Six RDF fencers competed at Summer National Championships in Minneapolis this year! It was the first national-level tournament for Daniel and Kalina, and Cheryl earned a medal and her C22 rating/classification! We’re really proud of everyone’s hard work over the last couple of years and thankful for our great, supportive families. We’ve also got some things to work on, and we’re excited to see what next season brings!

Here’s how everyone placed:

Div 1A WE: Sarah – 47th
Vet 50 WE: Cheryl – 8th + C22!
Div 2 ME: Daniel – 119th; Jack – 204th (tie)
Y14 ME: Jack – 190th (tie)
Div 2 WE: Sarah – 20th; Ava – 114th
Div 3 ME: Jack – 152nd
Y10 WE: Kalina – 53rd
Div 3 WE: Ava – 82nd

Full results: