We held second of three Heartland Youth Circuit events at RDF this weekend! It was mostly fencers from our club, but it was especially good for those whose fencing has been heavily impacted by the pandemic to get some more experience fencing people in their own age group.

Y10 Epee medalists: Javy, Harry, and Kalina

On Saturday, in Y10 Mixed Epee, Kalina took home the gold medal, Javy earned the silver, and Harry got the bronze.

In Y14 Mixed Epee, Ian from the Omaha Fencing Club won the gold, Ben R. took silver, Sophia and Conner each got bronze (fencing almost always ties for 3rd), Ben H. finished 5th, and Finn came in 6th.

Y14 Epee fencers: Finn, Ben H., Conner, Sophia, Ben R., and Ian

In Y12 Mixed Epee, Kalina won another gold, Conner won silver, and Finn took home bronze. This was Finn, Conner, and Javy’s first tournament.

Y12 Epee medalists: Finn, Conner, and Kalina

In Cadet Mixed Epee on Sunday, Ian and Marcus from Omaha were 1st and 2nd, respectively, and Ben R. and Campbell tied for 3rd.

Cadet epee medalists: Campbell, Ben R., Marcus, and Ian

Then in Junior Mixed Epee, Daniel won gold, Nick took home the silver, Ian and Marcus each got bronze, Ava was 5th, RDF alum Alex (now at ISU) was 6th, Campbell came in 7th, and Ben R. finished 8th.

Junior Epee fencers: Ben R., Campbell, Alex, Ava (played by Sarah here), Ian, Marcus, Nick, and Daniel

Full results: https://askfred.net/Results/results.php?tournament_id=48995

Here are the updated Heartland Youth Circuit points standings: