Five RDF fencers traveled to Ames last weekend to fence in the Cantaloupe Open. Nobody won the coveted cantaloupe, but in Senior Mixed Epee, Daniel placed 6th, Mat ended 14th, Jack was 29th, and Chantal finished 37th. Also shout out to RDF alumni Evan (now at ICFC) in 5th and Alex (now attending ISU) in 15th! In Senior Women’s Epee, Chantal placed 5th and Cheryl was 7th. Full results:

Coaches Kevin and Sarah were disappointed that they were unable to attend due to food poisoning (bleh!), but everyone did a good job taking care of each other. While having your coach there when you expect them to be there is important, we hope that all of our fencers are also able to think for themselves and still be successful without us.