This weekend was spent painting! And painting… and painting. We’re getting kind of sick of painting. Fortunately we’re almost done!

Kevin and Mike rented a paint sprayer and painted the ceiling and themselves on Friday night – 5.5 hours of continuous spraying, plus another couple hours for setup and clean up. On Saturday, Sarah, Kevin, Jules’s boys, Jim and longtime fencing friend Yuly did some touch-up work and painted the rest of the floor. On Sunday, RJ did more touch-up painting and poisoned so those black widow nests don’t come back. That night, Kevin went back and did a second coat of floor paint in the part of the room that will not be covered with rubber floors.

Kevin sprays the ceiling
Kevin sprays paint on the ceiling. Now we know what he will look like in 20 years, assuming he still has hair…
Mike sprays the ceiling, too!
Mike’s turn on the ladder.
Sushi tailgate!
Being the only one not covered in paint, Sarah went to nearby restaurant Miyabi 9 and got sushi. We ate it on the tailgate of Mike’s truck since the basement was full of paint.
Sushi Mike
Mike and Kevin took turns spraying paint and eating sushi. Mike found out the hard way that it’s difficult to tell how much wasabi you’re putting on when it’s dark.
This is how Yuly rolls
Yuly paints the back wall.
RJ paints with extend-o-brush
RJ touches up the ceiling paint. It’s kinda like wielding a saber, right?


Friday night aftermath
The aftermath of Friday night. The ceiling has been painted!


Floor paint
Kevin and Yuly roller the floor while Jim fills in holes.
Almost done floor!
Toward the end of the day Saturday, the floor is almost done.
Sarah and Yuly paint the floor
Sarah and Yuly preparing to roller the remainder of the floor.