In the last week, we’ve finally been able to make some good progress. The rest of the floor mats arrived. One of our fencers from the church basement epee group took care of the drywall work. Several of us painted the non-drywall walls. We attempted to start on the ceiling as well, but the little paint sprayer we borrowed did not work very well. We decided to do some research and regroup, opting to rent a real paint sprayer and knock out the ceiling tomorrow night. In the mean time, we did some testing of floor paint.

Sarah grinding
Sarah grinds off one of the nastier rusty spots.
Paint gang
Jules, Chad, and Sarah start painting the walls.
Daniel painting
Even Sarah’s little brother pitched in!
Jules painting
Jules puts an extra coat of paint on the rough spots.
Jim does drywall work
Jim did the drywall work.
Floor paint
We started painting the floor to test 1) how many coats we need and 2) how far a gallon will actually go.
Kevin and floor paint
Kevin surveys the floor paint test patch.
Getting the floors inside was a bit of a challenge – they weigh about 400 lbs. each!
Jim and RJ wiggle a roll of rubber in the door.
Almost there!