Coaches Kevin & Sarah are now fully vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19! We are not changing our mask requirements at this time, but we hope that sharing this piece of information will give people some peace of mind and encourage everyone to also get their vaccine as soon as they can.

We would like to be able to start phasing out Covid mask requirements over the summer (as we learned last summer, wearing those masks in our heat and humidity is not exactly super fun) and fall, assuming cases remain low, people are vaccinated, and the vaccines are effective against virus variants that occur. We will continue to practice with face masks in some situations as long as it is still a requirement for USA Fencing tournaments – no one wants to be distracted by their clothing during competition.

We’re also looking forward to fencing with the folks who have been waiting for vaccines in order to return! Thank you to everyone who is getting their vaccines for helping us practice more comfortably and protecting our community!