We did our first 5 O’Clock Footwork session last night! Club members were invited to join our Meet, and 8 fencers followed along and received feedback. We also recorded what was going on at RDF, so those who missed the live session can still follow along with the video on their own time.

We’re going to do it again at 5:00 pm on Thursday, April 2. Members, check your email for a link to tomorrow’s Meet and yesterday’s video!

You’ll want to wear your fencing shoes, have some water to drink handy, and find some open space (we have about 13 ft. [4 m] to work with in our video) on preferably a wood floor or deck, laminate, even short carpet or concrete (although that can be a bit hard on the joints). Take a few minutes to stretch and warm up on your own before we start.

If you can, position your camera so we can see your whole body from the side, like what the referee would see. The better we can see you, the better feedback we can give.

Once everyone joins, we ask everyone to mute so we don’t accidentally record anyone else, but you can ask questions through the text chat function or we can pause the recording if needed. (We’re looking into a better way to manage this.) We’ll go for about 20 minutes.

Our goal is to ramp up to doing this several times a week and find ways to include more people.