The results of the Iowa Caucus Epee Tournament are in, and we were on news channels 5 (ABC) and 13 (WHO)!

Channel 5’s coverage:


Channel 13 mentioned us in their “Caucus Fever” story:


We fenced two round-robin pools of 5-point matches, with each fencer representing a different, randomly-drawn candidate in each round, and then combined the results for the overall placings:

  • 1) Trump
  • 2) Fiorina
  • 3) Clinton
  • 4) Christie (tie)
  • 4) Santorum (tie)
  • 6) Carson
  • 7) Rubio
  • 8) Paul
  • 9) Kasich
  • 10) Cruz
  • 11) Bush
  • 12) O’Malley
  • 13) Sanders
  • 14) Huckabee

Each fencer donned whatever gear the campaigns that had offices in town gave us (we printed out labels for the candidates who either didn’t have a campaign office here or we were unable to get anything from). We had a few fencers from other clubs join us, and we had such a good time that we’re thinking of doing another political-themed tournament for the presidential election!

Pool 2 Candidates
Pool #2 was (left to right) “Rand Paul”, “Mike Huckabee”, “John Kasich”, “Carly Fiorina”, “Rick Santorum”, “Chris Christie”, and “Martin O’Malley”.