Starting January 5th, we are making a few changes to our schedule. These new hours will help accommodate the changing schedule of some of our coaches, as well as bring our saber practice to a time that is accessible to more people. Due to the disparity of available coaching between epee and saber, we are dropping dues for saber-only members down to $10 per month. Monthly dues are still $40 for epee and epee/saber fencers.

The new 2015 schedule will look like this:

2nd & 4th Mondays of the month: (new schedule)
Youth Saber Practice: 5-6pm
Adult Saber Practice: 6-8pm

Tuesday: (same as before)
Conditioning: 6-7pm
Adult Epee Practice: 7-9pm

Wednesday: (new schedule)
Youth Epee Practice: 6-7pm
Adult: 7-9pm

Thursday: (same as before)
Youth Epee Practice: 5-6pm
Conditioning: 6-7pm
Adult Epee Practice: 7-9pm

Saturdays we will remain open on non-tournament weekends from 8-11am for conditioning and an open (both weapons) practice.

As in the past, adult saber fencers are welcome to come to conditioning and practice saber during the adult epee practice times – there just won’t be a saber coach there.