The Iowa Division of USA Fencing is holding a referee clinic/rules seminar on September 13-14 and Red Door Fencing is pleased to be hosting the event in our space. It’s free for all Iowa Division USA Fencing members to attend (you will need to join USA Fencing to compete in most tournaments anyway), thanks to the Iowa Division subsidizing it for us. The clinic will be led by Jon Moss, a highly respected national and international referee.

Find more info and sign up here:

This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in being a better referee and understanding the rules better, even if you aren’t interested in becoming a rated referee.

If you ARE interested in becoming a rated referee, you’ll want to look at the Fencing Officials Commission website:

Another great way to practice, besides refereeing in club of course, is the Badgermille site: You can watch videos, vote on what you think is the correct call, and then see how others, including FIE referees, would call it.

It would also be a good idea to read the USA Fencing rule book: