Urbandale, IA – Several RDF fencers visited Courage League Sports – a really cool adaptive sports facility – for Family Fun Night. Tonight’s theme was Olympic sports. We brought a bunch of gear from the club, everyone suited up, we handed out weapons, and let the whacking commence! After a few minutes, the kids were hitting, disengaging, and parry-riposting like pros! We also made friends with Caylin, who used to fence in high school and jumped at the opportunity to wield her saber again when she heard about Olympic Family Fun Night. Special thanks to Coach RJ for working with Courage League to arrange our participation in this great event.

RJ and young fencer
Coach RJ demonstrates a block, or “parry” in fencerspeak. “Ok, now it’s your turn!”


RJ, Sarah, and Caylin and Courage League kids.
RJ, Sarah, and Caylin fence with their Courage League partners.
Fencing girls at Courage League
Don’t let these girls fool you – they may be little, but they know how to hit!


Father-daughter saber battle at Courage League
Coach RJ stands back as a father-daughter saber battle begins.