Red Door Fencing, located in Des Moines’ historic East Village, is an epee club that promotes competitive and recreational fencing by providing quality instruction, a safe and supportive training environment, and fostering personal growth and community engagement. We are an affiliate member of USA Fencing, the national governing body for the sport in the U.S.

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Iowa Games Results

The Iowa Games fencing event was held on July 18th in Ames, and 8 fencers represented RDF in this fun, recreational tournament. Jim finished 6th, Sarah was 7th, Connor was 9th, Carl was 10th, Arthur was 11th (and won foil earlier!), Julia was 12th, Henry was 15th (in his first ever Open event!), and Seth was 19th.

Full epee results:

RDF team at Iowa Games

RDF team at Iowa Games

Julia lunge

Julia on the attack!

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August Schedule Changes

In order to give everyone a little break before starting back into the 2015-2016 season, we will be going to a reduced schedule for the first 2 weeks of August:

Thursday, August 6th and 13th
 5:00-6:00 pm – Youth
 6:00 pm – Conditioning
 7:00-9:00 – Adult/Teen
(this is the same as our Thursday schedule has been all summer)

Starting August 18th, we will being our new (and more consistent!) schedule:
5:30-6:30 – Beginner Youth Epee (2 month class starting Sept. 1)
6:30 – Conditioning
7:00-9:00 – Competitive Epee
5:30-6:30 – Youth Epee
6:30 – Footwork
7:00-9:00 – Competitive Epee
5:30-6:30 – Youth Epee
6:30 – Conditioning
7:00-9:00 – Competitive Fencing

8:00-9:00 am: Conditioning
9:00-11:00 am: Open Practice

We’re looking forward to another great season of fencing!
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Capital City Youth Classic RYC Results

Four RDF youth fencers traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend to fence Y12 and Y14 Epee at the Capital City Youth Classic, a Regional Youth Circuit event. This was the first “real” tournament for the Y12 fencers, and all of our fencers did a great job! Posy finished 7th, Danny was 9th, and Victor was 10th in Y12, and Seth was 7th in Y14. Full results here.

Capital City RYC 2015

Victor and Posy fence a 15-point direct elimination bout at the Capitol City Youth Classic.

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Cupcake Tournament Results

One RDF fencer made it up to Ames to compete at the Iowa State University Fencing Club’s Cupcake tournament this weekend. Sara finished 2nd in the Novice Epee event and ate lots of cupcakes!

epee + cupcakes = love

Novice Epee medalists with their medals and cupcakes!

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April North American Cup Results

Four RDF fencers traveled to Milwaukee, WI to compete in Division 2 Epee at the North American Cup tournament. Several fencers were battling illness/injuries, so it was kind of a rough day, but it was still good to get experience fencing people from across the country. Lance finished 67th and Harris finished 89th at his first NAC. Sarah missed the medals stand by 1 touch and ended 13th, and Julia finished 52nd. Full results available here: (Men’s), (Women’s)

Div 2 epeeists April NAC

RDF crew getting ready to fence in Division 2 epee events.

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Kansas City Open Results

Two RDF fencers competed in the Kansas City Open this weekend. In Mixed Epee, Julia tied for 3rd and Sarah tied for 9th. In Women’s epee, Sarah was 1st and Julia tied for 3rd. Full results available here:

KC Open WE medalists

Women’s epee medalists at the Kansas City Open. Julia was also in the medals for Mixed Epee.

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Equinox Epee Tournament Results

Some of the RDF gang before the Open event.

Today eleven RDF fencers competed at our Equinox Epee tournament in West Des Moines. We had fencers from around the Midwest and our friend Yuly from Washington state. There were some great matches and several new classifications awarded. Thanks to everyone who made it out to fence and cheer!

Here’s how the RDF athletes did:

Y12 Epee:
Posy – 1st
Victor – 2nd
Daniel – 3rd

D and Under:
Lance – 2nd
Julia – 3rd
Chris – 6th
Carl – 12th
Harris – 17th
Sara – 19th

Jim – 3rd
Chris – 6th (Earning his D15!)
Julia – 8th
Lance – 13th
Sarah – 14th
Harris – 18th

Full results are available on AskFred:

Open medalists

Equinox Epee Open medalists: (from left) tied for 3rd – Alex from Lincoln and Omaha Fencing Clubs, “Jim” from RDF, 2nd – Cass from Lincoln Fencing Club, and 1st – Yuly Suvorov from Salle Auriol Seattle, masquerading as RDF. Yuly renewed his “A” classification!

Y12 medalists: (from left) 2nd - Victor, 1st - Posy, 3rd - Danny, all from RDF. This was their first tournament!

Y12 medalists: (from left) 2nd – Victor, 1st – Posy, 3rd – Danny, all from RDF. This was their first tournament!

Equinox Epee D & Under medalists: (from left) 1st - Charley Kubler from Twin Cities Fencing Club, 2nd - Lance Carlson from RDF, tied for 3rd - Julia Walter from RDF and Zachary Brooks from Heartland Fencing Academy. Charley earned a "D15" classification!

Equinox Epee D & Under medalists: (from left) 1st – Charley Kubler from Twin Cities Fencing Club, 2nd – Lance Carlson from RDF, tied for 3rd – Julia Walter from RDF and Zachary Brooks from Heartland Fencing Academy. Charley earned a “D15” classification!

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Shamrock Old Farts Tournament Results

RDF fencer Henry competed in his first tournament today, finishing 11th in Veteran’s Mixed Epee. It was a fun, St. Patrick’s Day-themed tournament for fencers 40 and older hosted by Lincoln Fencing Club. Full results posted here:

Henry at Shamrock Old Farts tourney

Henry scores a nice counterattack against an opponent at the Shamrock Old Farts Veterans tournament.

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RDF to Host Equinox Epee Tournament

RDF is pleased to announce we’ll be hosting Equinox Epee, our 2nd tournament with USA Fencing-sanctioned events, on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at Hillside Elementary in West Des Moines.

Events Scheduled:
9:30 AM – Open Mixed Epee
12:00 PM – D & Under Mixed Epee
2:00 PM – Y12 Mixed Epee (Unsanctioned)

Times listed are close of registration. We recommend fencers arrive 40-60 minutes before close of registration to allow time for check-in, warm-ups, and a few practice bouts. Fencing will begin 10-20 minutes after close of registration.

Format will be the usual pools (groups of 5-7, fence each person in the group to 5 points) to direct elimination (15 points for open/D & Under, 10 points for Y12). Fencers ages 13 and up may fence in the Open and D & Under events. Fencers 12 and under may fence in Y12.

USA Fencing competitive membership is required for the Open and D & Under events, but not Y12. (Unsanctioned basically means that the results don’t count for any sort of points or ratings in the USA Fencing system.)

As always, spectators are always welcome and it’s free to watch.

Fencers: Click here to sign up on!

Click here to download a flier to hang at your club.

Equinox Epee flier

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Igloo Open Results

RDF had two fencers in Mixed Epee at the Igloo Open, hosted by the Iowa City Fencing Center. Sarah tied for 3rd place and Harris finished 9th at his first tournament. Full results available here:

Harris and Sarah in Iowa City

Harris and Sarah in Iowa City

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